About Me

I've been playing music for other people since I was a teenager. My parents allowed me to throw parties at my house. I always collected vinyl and loved the feel of it, the artwork and the sound of it. I still play vinyl from the first record box i owned, but I also now play from CDs and laptops if necessary. When I moved to London in the early nineties one of my more fashionable friends introduced me to clubs and this thing called House. I loved it and fell in love with the craft of being a club DJ. I visited record shops and met some like minded should who eventually became my mentors and they introduced me to the london bar circuit where I developed my ears and my craft. Eventually I started putting on my own parties and events and now I work as part of 'The Big Country House Party' who organise a number of events including an across the year including an annual weekender in Devon featuring some of the greatest djs in the world 


Event DJing

I work very differently to most DJs that work on the mobile DJ circuit. Firstly I never play premixed CDs or what is currently 'charting'. Secondly I work hard to establish a vibe or atmosphere with my music. So what i'd play at an afternoon garden party would be wildly different to what i'd play at a wedding. It's anything but background music. Thirdly,  I don't really do requests -  though of course if i'm playing a wedding I liase closely with the couple to establish a set of records that they'll love. In an event set you'll hear me play anything from soul, funk, balearica, disco, jazz, hiphop and club classics.  I can provide my own decks and equipment, but i don't deal with large PA systems and Lighting.


Club DJing

I've played clubs and parties all over the UK and a few in Europe. My 'club' sound is a deep and soulful house sound perfect for warm up sets and when it's very very late. I've been lucky enough to play alongside some of dance music's greatest practioners including Ralf Gum (pictured above), Jimpster (Freerange records) and Jon Sa Trinxa (Space, Ibiza)

You can listen to the variety of styles in which i play by clicking on the link above